About the Eriksson (Darkwater Bay) Series

The Eriksson series began with seven books that detailed the unravelling of Helen Eriksson’s life — or at least what she believed her life was and would always be. As her past collided with her future, Helen had to take a hard look at herself, and grapple with the past choices she made and determine who she really is.

The first seven books are very focused on Helen’s past, present and who she would like to be from that point forward. Change isn’t easy, particularly when it is hampered by a lifetime of bad habits. This is where the focus in the series shifts a bit, from being all about “Who is Helen Eriksson” and begins to reveal bits of truth about some of the other characters introduced in the first seven books.

Book 8, published in August 2013, picks up after the resolution of Cloaked in Blood, and introduces a couple of new characters (teenagers, so if you hate them, bear that in mind), and a mystery that the son of a police detective exposes when he suspects that his high school friend might be rubbing elbows with a killer.

Book 9, (current released date 12.11.13) continues Helen’s (mis)adventures working with the Office of the Special Investigator (OSI) while her husband is off in the state capital playing a political role for the governor. Helen teams up with her old pal Chris Darnell, as one of Darkwater Bay’s own detectives (Tony Briscoe) is a likely suspect in an arson and murder investigation.

Sygnet (as of the time of this edit, on 11.29.13) is in the process of researching, outlining and doing some initial work on book 10, one that will take a glimpse into the life of someone she met as a new FBI agent in 2002, as horrific events grip Darkwater Bay once again. The release date is unknown at this point, but sometime likely in the first half of 2014.

So while the history that drew Helen to Darkwater Bay has been revealed, this mysterious place hasn’t yet released all of her secrets, and still works like a magnet, drawing all the wrong kinds of people into her shadowy corners. Stay tuned…