Release date for the new Eriksson (Darkwater Bay) novel

PatronSaintofDemonsPatron Saint of Demons, book 10 in the Eriksson (Darkwater Bay) series is available for preorder at, and the Apple iTunes store. It will be released on 04/01/14. Don’t forget to send a friend request on Facebook for access to discounted book coupons (exclusive coupon for Patron Saint of Demons will be available for Facebook friends April 5-7!).

Eriksson (Darkwater Bay) Book 10: With Johnny and Helen out of law enforcement in Darkwater Bay, a new and dangerous element makes a move, leaving a pair baffling mysteries involving multiple jurisdictions, and two men with past links to Helen’s career show up and draw her back into active duty. When the motive in the crime clearly seems to implicate Helen as the mastermind, the team must scramble to uncover the truth. When the day is done, Helen finds herself in an even more vulnerable position and seemingly on a collision course with the consequences for breaking the law in the past.