Update for Kindle “mobi” format readers

Hey all… Just a quick note to anyone reading my books on a Kindle e-reader, I am no longer selling books through Amazon. ¬†You may, however, continue to purchase the mobi format of all my books at Smashwords. My reasons for this change are many, so I shall not enumerate them here. Just know that all you need at Smashwords is an account (they are free, no membership money or anything like that) and then have the ability to transfer the file to your Kindle (which I think can be done with a USB cable, though I don’t have a Kindle anymore, so you’ll have to double check your user’s guide).

I do apologize for any inconvenience. The majority of my readers do so on devices that use the far more popular (and not proprietary) e-Pub format. I will enable comments on this post, so if you have one THAT RELATES TO ACCESSING MY BOOKS, please leave it here, and I will try to respond in a timely manner. All posts are screened before being visible, so spammers, take heed. Your garbage still will not be available on this website. ;)


ETA: this isn’t to say I will never sell on Amazon again. I just won’t do it until Smashwords and Amazon work out the kinks in whatever that has so far prevented Amazon from being in Smashwords’ premium catalogue. The less time I have to spend with “vendor” issues, the more time I have to write. ;)

2 thoughts on “Update for Kindle “mobi” format readers

  1. I am so glad I bought all of your books in the series before you stopped selling at amazon. I bought the last 4 all at the same time. I didn’t remember the order but couldnt get the information at amazon but i figured it out. I loved them. Thank you for being such a wonderful writer. Now that I have finished the last book, well I am going to miss Helen and Johnny and all of their friends. Sorry the series came to an end. Also sorry I won’t be able to purchase any more of your work.

    Thank you again

  2. Debby, when Smashwords is finally able to include Amazon in their premium catalogue, my books will return to Amazon. I just don’t have the time, energy or stamina to deal with the “stuff” via Kindle Direct anymore. =( The books can still be purchased in Kindle’s format from Smashwords.


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