Ah, my beloved dishwasher

It died around 5 am Thursday morning. My son asked if I’m burying her in the backyard. (She’s a dishwasher, not a pet!)

I was thinking, as I angrily stomped through Lowes at 0615 the same morning. They just don’t make appliances the way they used to. My old one – a Kenmore, from back in the days when that brand actually meant something – was likely new when my house was built 20 years ago. I’ve been here 11, so she had a long life.

The new dishwasher? Meh… It’s the same brand/model as the new refrigerator I got in August, so it’s pretty. My first load is just finishing up, and I took a peek before I ran out to get some hard (sugar free) candies. Uninteresting aside ~ For some reason this week, I have wanted to smoke cigarettes so badly, I would’ve been tempted to do just about anything to get one (other than, you know, going to the store and BUYING a pack).

I think it’s the stress of everything going on at chez Sygnet. I don’t like people in my house, and this week has been an endless succession of the comings and goings of people who have done their jobs well, but still trampled the sanctuary out of my residence all the same. The results look great – but the other ones, the cranky, sleep deprived, jonesing for nicotine, bitchy, irritable, short-fused person who didn’t get anything done on a new edit needs something perkier than Sugar Free Baskin Robbins Pralines and Cream hard candies to end the funk (though, DAMN, these are tasty!)

So lets have a free book coupon, shall we? Yes, giving stuff away always puts me in a good mood.

Go to Smashwords.com – Beneath the Cracks, add the book to your cart, and when you check out, use Coupon Code: HY23J

It Expires: October 19, 2012, so tell anybody you know who enjoys mysteries. =) Or you know, free stuff in general.

Happy Friday!