This has been a weepy, emotionally effed up week for a lot of us, hasn’t it? I mean, there seem to be tragedies dropping from the skies. It sucks, and I’m reminded of something that I’ve often said – life is not easy. For those who believe it is, they need to come out of the cave and look at the mess we’ve made of the world.

I guess something that has bothered me all week is this propensity we have for explaining the inexplicable. I guess that’s why I find so much comfort in science. It doesn’t purport to have all the answers, but encourages information seeking. (Google “god of the gaps” and you’ll understand what I’m talking about).

Monsters are real. People make choices. Sometimes they’re good, sometimes they’re bad, but all choices have consequences. It seems to me that as a society, we’re looking for ways to avoid consequences unless it’s the rain of sunshine and Skittles. This mitigates that, so there should be no consequences.

Yes, this actually does apply to what I write. I think I got a little disgusted with myself this week because of a distinct lack of consequences. But you know, that’s fiction, that can be changed. In real life, we can’t simply hit command+A+delete and start again. We can’t go back and edit.

Two of my work friends help me lighten up when this perpetual doom gets to be too much. Did you ever see Wayne’s World, at the end of the movie, where they do their little wiggly finger thing and go back in the movie to change the ending? I get a lot of that motion from the gals at work these days, because I am overwhelmed with the wish that we could go back one or two or eight weeks and do something to change an outcome.  It’s not possible, of course, but I think it reflects my frustration with our inability as a society to accept the fact that there are monsters in the world. We don’t have to blame every horrible thing on schizophrenia or bipolar mood disorder. Having worked way too much of my life with people who were truly psychotic, it breaks my heart to see the stigma attached to mental illness further perpetuated by monsters who made horrific choices.

So. Fox, CNN, NBC, CBS, AP, ABC, even my hometown Denver Post,  I really am disgusted by you. I have reached the point my life where “unnamed sources” translates into “liar liar pants on fire” right before my eyes. If someone can’t go on the record with a statement to the press, perhaps they 1) aren’t being honest, 2) are trying to avoid consequences for speaking when they know they have no right to say anything at all, 3) have been completely fabricated by the press in order to “scoop” everyone else. I got better ethics training in my high school journalism class, for Pete’s sake! Let the process play out. We don’t need to know EVERYTHING about EVERYBODY right now.

I’m so sorry for this rant. Yes, I’ll confess. I too, like everyone else in the world am simply devastated by the K-Stew RPattz drama. :::sniffles::: (Sarcasm, in case it wasn’t obvious).