Thursday, 03:59

I like this time of morning. The neighborhood is quiet. There’s very little traffic. Everyone is still in bed, but the birds are just starting to wake up and sing.

This morning is warm already. Weather channel says 69. My thermometer reads 75. There’s not a breath of breeze right now. Maybe this stillness will help get some of the nearby fires under control. I don’t smell smoke, so there’s no danger in this area, but I can only imagine the fear of those in danger of losing everything, and the anguish of those who have already lost it all.

Meanwhile, other family is rowing through the floods of Florida. I wish they could send us some rain and we could send them a bit of dry.

And the writing? Well, I spent a lot of time on the elliptical yesterday. A LOT of time there. Listening to speed metal. It works. The bottle of wine is uncorked and breathing. I’ve got maybe three chapters left to write, and then this one gets to percolate for awhile, and I’ll do something else.

I think I’ll plant some flowers later this morning. And get a haircut; hope for rain and cooler temperatures, absence of lightning, and no wind in the high country.