02:25 Saturday

I was sitting here tonight, a bit baffled over my lost ability to ramble on about nothing in particular, and I realized that I am a little bit depressed. Well, perhaps “depressed” is a strong term. Disappointment is more descriptive of how I feel right now.

OKC Thunder, you fought the good fight. Don’t forget that youth is on your side, and this trip to the NBA Finals was a good learning experience for you. Next year, it will be different. Don’t give up on the dream. The tremendous talent you possess will bring you the trophy, the rings, the well-deserved accolades.

And to Miami, congratulations. I’ve been saying for years how “this could be the year of LeBron”. Well, it finally happened. Bosh and James, specifically, I am pleased for your success.

To all the teams who played their hearts out in the post-season, to quote an old southern expression I used to hate, “You done good.” Be proud. Come back. Play harder.

And now Sygnet needs to snap out of the disappointed funk and remind herself that the new season is just around the corner. It’s gonna be exciting!