Updated Status for Amazon


I am publishing ebooks through Amazon again. Those of you who use the Kindle and prefer direct downloads from that specific vendor rather than Smashwords will be able to do so again.

However, the only two books that are offered free of charge are Daddy’s Little Killer and Beneath the Cracks. Amazon will not allow me to list books free of charge without participating in an exclusive publishing agreement with them, which I will not do. So people who see the price listed for the aforementioned books at Amazon need to tell them that the price is free at Smashwords so that they will match the price.

The reason I stopped publishing through Amazon last year dealt with them giving my books away for free when they were clearly NOT listed as free books through Smashwords.

As always, if people want coupons for discounts on my books, those will only be offered to people who friend me on Facebook, and are only offered for purchase through Smashwords. There will be no coupons/discounts through Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iTunes, Amazon or any other vendor.

Have a great weekend, everybody! 


Release date for the new Eriksson (Darkwater Bay) novel


PatronSaintofDemonsPatron Saint of Demons, book 10 in the Eriksson (Darkwater Bay) series is available for preorder at Smashwords.com, Barnesandnoble.com and the Apple iTunes store. It will be released on 04/01/14. Don’t forget to send a friend request on Facebook for access to discounted book coupons (exclusive coupon for Patron Saint of Demons will be available for Facebook friends April 5-7!).

Eriksson (Darkwater Bay) Book 10: With Johnny and Helen out of law enforcement in Darkwater Bay, a new and dangerous element makes a move, leaving a pair baffling mysteries involving multiple jurisdictions, and two men with past links to Helen’s career show up and draw her back into active duty. When the motive in the crime clearly seems to implicate Helen as the mastermind, the team must scramble to uncover the truth. When the day is done, Helen finds herself in an even more vulnerable position and seemingly on a collision course with the consequences for breaking the law in the past.

Did you know…?


Helen’s history unfolded in the first seven books (the Eriksson novels), but the secrets of Darkwater Bay continue to emerge as Helen and her compatriots continue their work in the city that hides many sins.

Coming on December 11, 2013 is book 9 in the Darkwater Bay saga – The Last Mile. It’s available for preorder now, at Smashwords, Barnes and Noble and Apple’s iBooks/iTunes.

In case you missed it, Helen’s adventures after the events of Cloaked in Blood continue in book 8 – Sweet Gruesome Dreams.

While the biggest secret of Helen’s life was revealed in the first seven books, the series is not over by any means. =)

Update for Kindle “mobi” format readers

Hey all… Just a quick note to anyone reading my books on a Kindle e-reader, I am no longer selling books through Amazon.  You may, however, continue to purchase the mobi format of all my books at Smashwords. My reasons for this change are many, so I shall not enumerate them here. Just know that all you need at Smashwords is an account (they are free, no membership money or anything like that) and then have the ability to transfer the file to your Kindle (which I think can be done with a USB cable, though I don’t have a Kindle anymore, so you’ll have to double check your user’s guide).

I do apologize for any inconvenience. The majority of my readers do so on devices that use the far more popular (and not proprietary) e-Pub format. I will enable comments on this post, so if you have one THAT RELATES TO ACCESSING MY BOOKS, please leave it here, and I will try to respond in a timely manner. All posts are screened before being visible, so spammers, take heed. Your garbage still will not be available on this website. ;)


ETA: this isn’t to say I will never sell on Amazon again. I just won’t do it until Smashwords and Amazon work out the kinks in whatever that has so far prevented Amazon from being in Smashwords’ premium catalogue. The less time I have to spend with “vendor” issues, the more time I have to write. ;)

The End of “the foreseeable future”

On February 26th, I began a  promotion of the Eriksson series in that the first six books were free of charge.

After three months, that promotion is coming to an end – at least for books three through six. After May 26, 2013, free promotions for new books will be available at Smashwords via my Facebook page.


Cloaked in Blood

Cloaked in BloodThe seventh book in the Eriksson series is now available on both Smashwords.com and Amazon.com. (It should be available soon on other ebook retailers through Smashwords).

Thanks to everyone who has read and come along for the entire ride so far!