Updated Status for Amazon

I am publishing ebooks through Amazon again. Those of you who use the Kindle and prefer direct downloads from that specific vendor rather than Smashwords will be able to do so again.

However, the only two books that are offered free of charge are Daddy’s Little Killer and Beneath the Cracks. Amazon will not allow me to list books free of charge without participating in an exclusive publishing agreement with them, which I will not do. So people who see the price listed for the aforementioned books at Amazon need to tell them that the price is free at Smashwords so that they will match the price.

The reason I stopped publishing through Amazon last year dealt with them giving my books away for free when they were clearly NOT listed as free books through Smashwords.

As always, if people want coupons for discounts on my books, those will only be offered to people who friend me on Facebook, and are only offered for purchase through Smashwords. There will be no coupons/discounts through Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iTunes, Amazon or any other vendor.

Have a great weekend, everybody!